About Us

Randy Kinney founded Kinney Engineering in 1999 as a sole proprietor specializing in traffic analysis and design.  At the time, he was also teaching traffic engineering and engineering management at the University of Alaska Anchorage.  In 2007, John Pekar and Arnold Harder joined Randy and the firm became Kinney Engineering, LLC.  With the addition of John and Arnold, the firm’s capabilities increased and KE began to offer a wider range of civil design services.  Arnold left the company in 2010 to follow his passion for education and became a science teacher at a local high school.   In 2017, the ownership of the company was expanded and Art Johnson, Jeanne Bowie, and Joann Mitchell became LLC Members. Today, KE employs more than 30 professionals and our services have expanded to meet the needs of our varied clients.

The leaders of KE believe that hiring good people, empowering them to do their best, and investing in their career development will best serve our clients as well as the health, safety, and welfare of our communities.  We have a strong commitment to continuing education:  our employees regularly attend national and regional conferences as well as local seminars.  (And it’s probably not a surprise that many of our engineers are pursuing advanced degrees.).  But we don’t just attend the conferences for the continental breakfasts and social hours.  Our engineers are frequent presenters and we love to share our knowledge and experiences by submitting papers for publication and presentation.  At the same time, we gain from what others are willing to share.  Every new project presents the opportunity for a new idea, whether it is a new design technology or an innovative approach to construction.  We are always looking for opportunities to put our knowledge to work and try new things!

KE is also a strong believer in getting involved with professional organizations and our communities.  Our staff members hold leadership positions with the Institute of Transportation Engineers, Alaska Society of Professional Engineers, ASCE, and ITS Alaska.  We know that the reward for continuing one’s education and belonging to professional societies is a deeper understanding of the field of engineering.  This understanding brings personal commitments to do better things, even within the confines of our own projects.

At Kinney Engineering, we understand life isn’t all about work.  We have families and hobbies and other interests outside of our work life.  You’ll find us rafting down Alaska’s wild rivers, skiing in the backcountry, running up and down mountains, cheering our kids at soccer games, bicycling on the trails (A LOT of our employees are bike commuters!) or just enjoying some quiet time with our families.  KE supports and encourages a happy balance and offers flexible or part time work schedules to achieve that balance.   


KE is proud to have three employees that were selected for their commitment to the engineering profession by the Alaska Engineering Societies as Engineer of the Year:

(First woman to receive this honor)